Anushay’s Point On MSNBC: Black Women Won 2017

No doubt one of the highlights of my career in 2017 was my regular appearances on MSNBC’s AM Joy weekend morning show.

So it only made sense to wrap up the last few days of 2017 on Joy Reid’s fabulous and brilliant show.


I was on two panels, talking three different topics. We started with an analysis of President Trump’s embattled relationship with the media during which I stipulated how despite all his attacks, it is the free press that ultimately holds the power to hold Trump accountable.

The end of the year segments also discussed Trump Trauma and the psychological effects of living in Trump’s America.


Sadly, my favorite segment I have no link for but us panelists were asked to name who we think “won” 2017.

My answer? Black Women! Black women always slay, but in 2017 they saved us from pedophile Roy Moore AND taught us how to reclaim our time, amongst many many other things.


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