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Anushay is a sought-after speaker for universities, medical institutions, and organizations, offering tailored keynote speeches and presentations on women’s health. Her engaging talks shed light on the entrenched sexism and racism within America’s healthcare system, emphasizing the crucial importance of believing women for transformative change.

Speaking engagements can be customized to suit various settings, ranging from intimate group discussions to expansive keynote events. Whether in-person or virtual, sessions can span from concise 30-minute presentations to comprehensive 90-minute sessions, with options for extended programming upon inquiry.

Anushay has delivered impactful presentations at esteemed venues including the National Press Club, Columbia University, Yale University, the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), the American Hospital Association (AHA), Vertex Pharmaceuticals, America’s Essential Hospitals (AEH), March of Dimes, and more.


Signature Topics:

  • Medical Misogyny and Gaslighting in American Healthcare
  • Closing #ThePainGap in Women’s Health
  • Global Feminist Movements
  • Race and Immigration in America
  • Believing Women and Revolutionizing Healthcare

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