Anushay’s groundbreaking 2021 book, “The Pain Gap: How Sexism and Racism in Healthcare Kill Women,” ignited her passion for advocating women’s health. With the 2024 U.S. Election approaching, this season of The Pain Gap Podcast is dedicated to featuring experts, thought leaders, and trailblazers addressing the women’s health crisis in America.

The Pain Gap Podcast invites diverse guests to explore the revelations of Anushay’s book. By featuring people’s stories and expert insights, Anushay aims to educate and promote equality. She aspires for listeners to feel empowered advocating for themselves in healthcare settings. 

Anushay encourages male listeners to understand and address #ThePainGap, becoming allies in women’s healthcare. Through these discussions, she aims to propel more conversations on uncovering the challenges women, especially women of color, face in the American healthcare system, bridging the healthcare gap and driving positive change.

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