Bill Taylor is everything Democrats hoped Robert Mueller would be

*This article of mine is published on CNN.*

US diplomat Bill Taylor ended up being everything Democrats hoped special investigator Robert Mueller would be — a daring patriot who emerges from the halls of American government, a man of the law driven by his deep desire to deliver the truth and save American democracy.

Taylor’s testimony today before the House Intelligence Committee demonstrated that he was indeed that man.

Taylor testified that Gordon Sondland said President Donald Trump cared more about investigations of the Bidens than he did about Ukraine. Taylor’s testimony left no room for ambiguity and made it clear to the House that Ukrainians face a lethal threat at home from Russia.

The damage that Taylor did to the Trump administration was what many hoped Mueller’s report would do — but ultimately didn’t.

Speaking for myself, Taylor is the patriot I’ve been waiting for – right down to his attention-grabbing radio voice.

*This article of mine is published on CNN.*

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