Joy Reid On The Diversity Of Her Panel: This Is America

As America took to the streets to protest forced family separations at the US border and the (illegal) detention of thousands of migrant children, as young as 85 days old, I went on MSNBC’s AM Joy to talk why we need more women of color and mothers framing this story: It belongs to us.



And it is not the first time in America’s history that we are seeing women of color forcibly separated from their newborns and children. This was routine not only during slavery but also a policy used on Native America Indians whose children were often sent away to “boarding schools” to assimilate them into the “White Man’s culture.”


I am so grateful to AM Joy and Joy Reid for always promoting the voices of Black and Brown women, so it was especially fantastic to have her point to her panel and say, “This is America- or it should be.”

I also returned to the show the following week to talk Trump’s Supreme Court pick, and Fox’s Bill Shine moving to the White House.

Watch the segments here and here.

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