Anushay’s Point On MSNBC: Sexual Abuse Is Not A Partisan Issue

With the media in the US erupting with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse amongst some of the highest-profile figures in every industry from politics to Hollywood, I went on MSNBC to discuss the latest sexual predator, Republican Senate candidate, accused child molester, Roy Moore.

But can the GOP survive backing both Trump, who stands accused of assaulting 12 different women and Moore, who stands accused of decades of molesting young teenage girls? Is that what they want to be known for?


Since the GOP is the party who may have put a self-professed sexual assaulter in the White House, but we must be clear that when it comes to sexually abusing women, both Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty.

We also discussed Steve Bannon, struggling to stay relevant and wield his power over Fox News anchors, (cough, cough, Hannity).


You can watch the segments here & here.







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