Anushay’s Point On MSNBC: We All Uphold Rape Culture

With the Harvey Weinstein rape and assault allegations mounting on the daily, I went back on MSNBC’s AM Joy to talk about sexual abuse allegations against powerful men in the media, Hollywood, and as I pointed out in my remarks, in the White House.

While I think there is definitely a positive culture shift going on as women feel more confident and supported to speak out against harassment and abuse, I ask how much can society really change when the President of the United States is just as guilty as Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein?


I stipulated that while it’s great women are speaking up, we all play a huge role in upholding rape culture and until that changes, women will continue being abused.

You can watch the panel and I take on that topic here.

AM Joy 3

We also the GOP’s attempt at tax reform, and watching Obama and Bush back on the public stage, both rebuking Trump without using his name.

Watch here and let me know if you think Trump’s actions going against core principles of American democracy.

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