Anushay’s Point’s CNN International Debut

I made my CNN International debut last week, and I guess the cat is officially out of the bag: I am 9 months pregnant.

But that was not the topic of my segment which was something else that I love to talk about: the corruption of the Trump Administration appointing Ivanka as whatever they feel like.


I joined CNN Political Commentator, Alice Stewart as we examined the First Daughter’s role in her father’s White House on the eve of her first official trip overseas representing the US in Germany where she was booed on stage.

I also bumped into CNN superstar, Van Jones in the makeup room. I am a huge fan so needless to say, I was star struck.


I focused my points on what a joke it was to have America represented by Ivanka on the global stage along with accomplished women such as Germany’s Angela Merkel and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, especially as Ivanka attempted to paint Donald Trump as a champion of women’s rights.

You can watch the full segment here.


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