Anushay’s Point Launches Bengali Column

I have always been fascinated by online media branding and marketing: How a company can change its entire image by changing its logo, updating its websites and social media.

One of my favorite recent examples is how PolicyMic rebranded itself as, and positioned itself as the voice of the coveted Millennial readership.

But the brand that embodies so much of my family history has always been the Daily Ittefaq, the iconic national newspaper of Bangladesh that played a pivotal role in the country’s Language Movement and Independence.


Wonderful to begin 2016 with my first ever column in my mother tongue, Bangla, especially for my dear Bangladeshi readers.

You can read the piece on why I think 2016 could be the year America sees a woman in the White House here, my piece on American Muslim’s voting pull here, and my thoughts on Obama’s first US mosque visit here.

What would you like to see my write about in my Washington memo?



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