Anushay’s Point Tells #PPGeneration: Your Story Is Your Power

PPF1Most of my readers know that before going full-time with my writing three years ago, I spent close to a decade working as a feminist policy analyst on Capitol Hill in Washington. That means that working and lobbying to ensure US foreign policy protected women’s health & rights was my job.

So at the core, I will always be a reproductive justice freedom fighter because much of my life and career have been about removing barriers women face to accessing the health care they need. A great example of this is the Global Gag Rule, as US policy which bans overseas NGOs from any abortion related activity if they receive any US funding. The politics of women’s health is real, folks.

PPF Speakers

So it was a huge honor to be asked to speak at Planned Parenthood’s National Conference, #PPGeneration. The group of young activists is the grassroots backbone to iconic organization that has been fighting for reproductive freedom for decades, and providing a global perspective to the movement is something I am always ready to do.

The morning plenary I spoke on along with other activists focused on how the personal is political, and the power in our stories. I spoke about growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and how for the mass majority of women and girls, being able to access any kind of health care is a luxury that alludes too many.


The entire weekend of the conference was electrifying. Meeting and working with young feminists has always been one of my favorite things about what I do. Their energy is contagious and inspiring.

Coincidentally, a young activist I met years ago during my time at the Feminist Majority Foundation suggested me as a plenary speaker, so I owe my dear friend, Jenny Woudenberg so much. Thank you again and again!

You can watch a full clip of what I said to the #PPGeneration on my Facebook page.

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