Anushay’s Point: Voters Care About Policy More Than Gender


With Hillary Clinton officially in the race for President, naturally there will be endless segments on gender, but I thought today’s segment on CNN with Carol Costello gave a different perspective on gender politics.

I joined the Executive Director of IWF (Independent Women’s Forum), Sabrina Schaeffer, who is also a fellow PBS To The Contrary panelist, in analyzing the role gender will play leading up to the US president elections in 2016.


Frankly, I think it is so sexist and offensive to ask female candidates about their fashion, and still do not understand why in 2015 the media still does not know what questions to ask them, focusing on their appearance over their qualifications.

That is exactly what I framed my response around. Check out the full segment below and tell me why you think we do not ask women politicians about their policies.

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