Anushay’s Point On Women’s Health: No Uterus, No Opinion


Is there anything I love more than discussing feminism with intelligent women? The answer would be no.

It was so great to be on HuffPost Live from New York City talking about all the major women’s stories of the week with the always fabulous Caroline Modrassey-Tehrani.


We discussed the importance of new legislation in California which shifts emphasis from no means no, to yes means yes. Why is it so important to shift our focus back on consent? My response was that clearly this is an area we need to define as clearly as possible to make it easier for women to not only come forth, but prosecute.

This week’s episode also analyzed the role of fashion and celebrities when it comes to promoting feminism in pop culture. But are the Beyonces and Karl Lagerfelds of the world selling a genuine brand of feminism, or just selling their products?


I think Caroline, the host of #WMN, said it best when she quoted Jay Z: “I’m not businessman, I’m a business man.”

Enough said.

Catch the full episode here & let me know what you think!

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