Anushay’s Point 2018: Year In Review

Reflecting back on the year and looking through images on my phone, I can’t believe how much happened this year. In many ways 2018 was fantastic, but it was also overwhelming especially for those of us who work in news, and consume it for a living.

#MeToo, US Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh, #TimesUp, migrant children detention, repeated government shutdowns, losing Bourdain, Stormy Daniels, charges and indictments running up on Trump, Syria pull out….just thinking back on 2018’s headlines is exhausting.

This year, Anushay’s Point sustained my regular appearances on MSNBC and “Am Joy,” kicking the year off with a viral segment even Hollywood heavyweight Shondha Rhimes took notice of.

Sticking with Hollywood, TV and movie star Debra Messing even tweeted out the segment in which I make a plea to GOP women to leave their sexist party which openly tolerates violence against women.

2018 saw several first-time debuts for me including on CNN’s Brooke Baldwin’s show, my first Annanya Magazine cover in Bangladesh, and my political analysis went international with my debut on Turkey’s TRT World.

I also made my first appearances on Fox News with both my Tucker Carlson segments going viral.

In addition to my media appearances, my articles and op-eds continued appearing front-page on my regular outlets such as CNN and Bangladesh’s Daily Ittefaq.

The year ended with my second appearance on CNN International’s “Hala Gorani Tonight” show, and with the announcement that I will be moderating my first SXSW Panel alongside maternal health advocate, Christy Turlington-Burns in Spring of 2019 in Austin, Texas.

I’m so excited for the new year and anxious to show you all what I’ve been working on to make a splash in 2019.

Thank you for supporting my work, my Dearest Readers! I’d be nothing without the people who read my work and listen to my analysis, so I thank you so much.

Hope you stay on for the ride.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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