Anushay’s Point On MSNBC: Trump Is Not A Patriot

It is always an honor to be on MSNBC’s AM Joy, but this weekend was extra special because I got to be on a panel with one of my favorite bad-ass journalists, Sarah Kendzior.

Kendzior is considered a major voice and specializes in authoritarian states, so it was truly fascinating listening to her thoughts and analysis on Trump’s increasingly authoritarian moves, the latest being the banned list of words that the Center For Disease Control has to avoid using.


I brought up the point of how patriotic Trump can possibly be if he believes the Kremlin over US intelligence agencies. It truly blows my mind!

We also got to talk about Fox News who instead of taking every opportunity to redeem themselves as a breeding ground for sexual predators and harassment, continues to peddle theories to discredit women who so bravely come forward with their stories of sexual abuse.


You can watch the segments here and here.


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