Anushay’s Point: We Must Confront Rape Culture

July wrapped up with another taping of PBS’ To The Contrary, and one of the most shocking things about this episode was that Anne Stone and I actually agreed on an issue: domestic violence.


Washington State is starting to issue victims alerts when their abuser buys a gun, and with the gun control debate in the U.S. stalled the way it is, a simple text message system could save a woman’s life.


I stated that abusers should not be able to buy guns in the first place, and when women purchase guns for self-defense against their abusers they sometimes wind up in jail themselves.


We also talked about climate change and victimology which I truly found to be offensive. When it comes to violence against women, especially sexual violence and assault, it is rape culture that we need to confront.

Watch the full episode below and let me know your thoughts!

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