Happy New Year, Dear Readers

Happy New Year, Dear Readers! It is the first day of 2017 and I am feeling hopeful-or at least forcing myself to.

2016 was a tough year as a Bangladeshi-American-Muslim-Feminist. First and foremost, we saw a nasty and largely Islamaphobic political campaign as America went to the polls to elect our next president.

Hearing slanderous and offensive remarks about Muslims and Islam became the norm in mainstream media, and hate crimes hit an all-time high.


And to make things unimaginably worse, the guy who ran on an immensely anti-Muslim and immigrant platform WON the U.S. election.

As an avid Clinton supporter, Hillary’s loss broke my heart and as a feminist, it was crushing to see such an anti-woman candidate such as Trump win the Oval.

But the year also contained some career highlights for Anushay’s Point. I launched my fortnightly column in Bangladesh’s iconic national newspaper, The Daily Ittefaq, and in the U.S. my interviews with women business owners regularly graced the front page of the newly relaunched Women at Forbes.


On the TV front, I was fortunate for my commentary on CNN America to continue, including recording special panels on women and the U.S. election.

In addition, Anushay’s Point made its BBC, MSNBC & CBS network debuts.

With Trump headed to the White House, I honestly still have days that I just do not want to get out of bed and face the world. It is sadly and clearly much more racist and sexist than we imagined. At least, America is.

msnbc 11.38.54 PM

But all tears and disappointments aside, I am ready for 2017. And I feel optimistic because I believe you must stay positive and keep looking forward.

2016 was tough, but I don’t think it was as terrible of a year as most people are saying it was, but am I happy to have a fresh start.

I cannot wait to work harder and achieve more goals. And I cannot wait to have you, my dear and fantastic readers along for the ride.

Wish me luck & Happy New Year!




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