Anchorwoman at Al-Jazeera: Anushay’s Point Goes Live

Imagining India Without Caste. Is It Possible?

Anushay’s Point got the amazing opportunity to go live on Al-Jazeera’s The Stream, the network’s social media driven show.

Obesity in America: Will This Generation of Kids Be More Overweight Than Than Parents?

You may have caught me on air over the past month, talking about everything from e-Patriarchy to Islamaphobia to Canadian mining companies in Latin America to India’s caste-system.

Raging Against the Narrative: Taking the Conversation Beyond ‘Muslim Rage’.

I’m trying to do a good job of keeping Anushay’s Point’s readers up to date on the shows, and when I will be co-anchoring The Stream.

Discussing India Blocking out the Internet in the Name of Security With Indian Writer & Wall Street Journal Columnist, Sadanand Dhume.

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Talking With Muslim Rapper Brother Ali.

The first show I guest-hosted explored the disturbing issue of “e-Patriarchy.” Have you ever noticed the comments, most often geared towards women, under feminist blogs, articles or even YouTube videos? Often they are not only misogynistic, but extremely violent in their language and nature.

Talking About the Legal & Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia.

It made me think of how the public spaces women have fought for in society, now we have to fight for those spaces on the Internet, spaces that go beyond the traditional spheres assigned to women.

Discussing Islamaphobia in the US on Al-Jazeera. Are Hate Crimes Towards Muslims on the Rise in America?

The fight for equality around the world, on and offline, clearly continues.

Amazing Experience: Co-Anchoring at Al-Jazeera

The next show looked at the alarming and disturbing trend of sexual harassment  in India. The country has the highest number of women in government in the world, but women’s rights on the ground face a different and horrifying reality.

Discussing the Global Popularity of “K-Pop.” Is This South Korea’s Best Use of Soft Power?

Watch me host here, herehere, herehere, here,  here, here, here,  herehere and here. What other issues would you like to see me cover?

United for Change: Talking Faith & Poverty in America.
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