Oklahoma State University Honors Anushay’s Point


Finally going full-time with my writing two years ago also gave me control over one of my favorite aspects about my work- meeting passionate, driven young women across the country. This year, I was honored to be invited to Oklahoma State University (OSU) to speak about women’s rights as human rights.

In addition to being one of the most successful speaking events I have been a part of, the evening was organized and the brainchild of fellow Bangladeshi-American, OSU student, Aanika Islam. She was the force behind this event, and got the school’s International Studies Department, in addition to various student organizations, to sponsor the event.


In addition to a packed house, I was honored to be recognized by OSU’s Division of International Studies and Outreach. Dr. Joel Jenswold, the Director of Academic Programs at the School of International Studies, presented me with the award.

Nothing inspires me more than meeting young feminists, men or women, because they are really the driving force behind my work, and the core of who I write for.


Meeting and working with Aanika Islam over the past few months to make this talk happen was a great experience.

The faculty and students who attended my talk were the perfect audience, helping me create an environment for a few hours in which we could critically analyze how to end rape culture, discuss sexual assault on campuses across the country, and how we need to work hand in hand with men, our most important allies in feminism.


I had more young men in attendance at my OSU talk which is always great to see. I really have a lot of faith in millennial men as our partners in crime when it comes to turning the tide against sexism and gender roles, which hurt men as well.

For more information on my OSU talk, check out my Facebook page. And if you want to book me to speak at your school, just click here.

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