Speaking & Events

Anushay Hossain is a sought-after speaker hired by top universities, medical institutions, and organizations to give talks about the systemic sexism and racism in America’s healthcare system– and why believing women is critical in bringing about change.

Anushay is a bestselling author on the systemic sexism and racism in America’s healthcare system and is based in Washington, DC.

She delivers highly customized keynote speeches and presentations on women’s health and making America’s healthcare system more equitable and inclusive.

Anushay’s presentations are research-based and intersectional – with a focus on communicating strategic and personal actions to overcome unconscious biases.

She addressed audiences of all sizes at venues including the National Press Club, Yale University, March of Dimes, The American Association of Medical Colleges, the Feminist Majority Foundation, the University of Virginia, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the American Hospital Association, and more.

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